When I wrote about Chernobyl (2019) I thought it is probably the only show that I am going to write about at least, this year. But I was wrong, The Expanse has become one of my favourites and it deserves a blog post! It’s a high quality Sci-Fi series that is currently active and is now being produced by Amazon. This was not the case over a year ago, albeit the show was announced dead on May 10, 2018 by SyFy, the original producer. SyFy made this decision considering its financial position. Producing a high quality space opera is no joke, right?

After this, The Expanse fans took it to the roads along with the cast of the show. They started #SaveTheExpanse campaign, filed petitions and did whole lot of other activities in an attempt to renew the show. They reached to number of production houses of the likes of Netflix, Amazon, etc,. Fortunately, Jeff Bezos was one of the fans of the show and on May 25, 2018 he himself renewed the show for another two seasons!

The Expanse is based on the novel by same name written by James S. A. Corey. There are currently 8 books and 9th one is coming out in 2020. I haven’t read the books but its said that the books are just as much interesting as the show. On the show side, season 4 is dropping on primevideo mid-december this year and the production of next season has already begun.

What’s So Great About The Expanse?

The show is setup 200 yrs in future. Humans have colonized most of Solar system and now we have Earthers, Martians and Belters. The writers have beautifully portrayed all the complexities of our society among these now nations. I don’t want to give away too much but I would like to say that it reflects human societies perfectly along with need to control our reality and how we will always remain our own greatest enemy. There are parallel story lines that go on in the show and they converge to give you a bigger picture. The first 2-3 episodes might feel a little stretched since they are just building the universe but stick with it and the show will grow on you.

The cast of the show has done great jobs with their characters. Cast is diverse just like there characters. The music of the show is immersive and beautiful. The visual aspects of the show are on par with other space sci-fi movies and series (I would say better than most). Overall The Expanse will take you into its universe and hold you there throughout your watching and by the end of season 3 you are going to ask for more. I can gurantee you that! It’s available on Amazon Prime. What are you waiting for? :)