Lot of bloggers keep going round in circles around the topic of their post. They get to the point somewhere in the middle or by the end of their post. It’s like they follow some unwritten rule where they must keep posts at least 300-400 words. This is not okay! Blog posts can be short. In fact, if you are just starting out a blog, you must keep them short.

But Why?

People simply do not have time. Your post should be concise and after reading it the visitor should feel like he learned something new in a short time. It’s hard but if you are able to do this then you are respecting visitors time on your blog. An authentic user will see that and come back for more. More the authentic users, lesser the trolls!

You are competing against social media. 100s of apps and services are trying to trick the visitor for his attention, don’t be like them. Again respect user’s time. Think of why the user should be reading your post instead of watching a YouTube video shared by his friend. One way to make him choose your blog is to keep the post short!

They might not be reading your post and still judging it. A large number of users find your post on some social media. They read your title and directly go to comment section to verify the authenticity of the post. They might read your post or simply engage in discussion there. But you can use this to your advantage, if people in comment section have positive reviews about your post, you won.

When to have longer posts

Long posts are okay if:

  • your post has short 100 word summary at beginning. You can elaborate in detail after the summary. This way you give user the choice to choose between the two.
  • you have large user base and people already love your writing style
  • you are writing an article about how to build a 5ft DIY rocket at home or something similar :)

That’s all folks.