All or Nothing Auto Update of Play Store

There are around 180 apps on my phone and auto update is disabled for most of them as:

  • I do not like the idea of 180 apps upgrading themselves whenever they like consuming valuable system resources.
  • Developer upgrading app only to enable ads
  • I want my unit converter to do what it does good instead of turning into a scientific calculator

Some apps like browsers should be on latest version and I would happily enable auto update for them but because Google has chosen below checkbox on each app page to enable/disable system wide auto update, I can’t do selective auto update of apps.

You can either enable auto update for all or select each app manually to upgrade but can’t enable auto update on per app basis.

Moreover when I do want to update apps manually I have to painfully choose the apps from the list of all apps every single time. It’s like either enable auto update or else suffer. So Google, please enable selective auto update or if that is not possible at least remove below setting from each app page because its wildly confusing.

The check box here enables/disables system wide auto update