Be My Eyes

In Short: There’s an app called Be My Eyes. Using this app blind people can ask for assistance by setting up a video calls with volunteers spread across the world.

I stumbled upon Be My Eyes on r/HumansBeingBros. Basically the app allows a blind person to ask for assistance with there daily chores. At the moment, there are 16x more volunteers than blind and thus the chances of getting a call for assistance are very low. But having more volunteers doesn’t hurt, right?

be my eyes.png

On the main screen of app you can see the number of blind people and volunteers ready to help. The Stories tab lists the experiences of both Blind and volunteers There are some beautiful stories in there. Settings tab allow you to setup your profile and select languages that you would like to volunteer in.

The founder himself is visually impaired and had following to say when he was asked about how he got the idea

Being visually impaired myself and working for the Danish Blind Association gave me a lot of insights that gave me the idea for the app. A friend of mine was using FaceTime to get visual assistance, but the problem was that he always had to call someone specific. This gave me the idea for the volunteer network[1] - Hans Jørgen Wiberg.

The idea is simple and it’s executed beautifully. This app has leveraged technology that is truly helping people and does not have backing of huge corporation or a government and is still changing lives of people for good. Thinking of volunteering? Here you go.

[1] Hans Jørgen Wiberg comment on reddit thread