EV Charging System

Ten years of expertise in developing on-board charging system, in-depth research on power electronics and power transmission technology in vehicle applications, accelerating the industrialization process of OBC, DCDC, converters and other controllers.

EV Electric Drive System

Our products are the combo of OBC, DCDC, MCU, VCU and BMS, shared mechanical housing, cooling system and even power components, which can effectively reduce OEM’s cost and save interspace. Our products are developed on AUTOSAR software platform with additional functional safety design, function of Ethernet transmission, vehicle OTA intelligent upgrade and cybersecurity etc. All feature above can benefit to customers in multiple aspects such as functional expansion, vehicle integration, weight and budget control.


Featured products, including wireless charging system, EV Communication Controller, PTC Controller and so on. To meet a variety of electric vehicle needs, to provide users with efficient and reliable solutions.
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